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IT'S OUT! (blatant book pimping post)

My book, "Dispatches from the Peninsula: Six Years in South Korea" has officially been released. I would have never gotten the opportunity to write the book if it wasn't for this for the years I spent slogging away at this blog, so it's terrific to announce it here.


It's available at most major bookselling websites, including AMAZON. It should be making it into some stores in Korea and the Northwest soon, so look out for it. I'll be doing a small US book tour in early December stopping in Seattle, Olympia, and Portland and will post details here.

Reviews have been great so far. Check 'em out:


This popular Korea blogger gives is a BIG THUMBS UP

...and the personal responses have been just awesome.

So.... BUY IT!!!
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Absolutely! I'mm just a bit upset that you won't be swinging by LA during your book tour...
Great post! I wish you could follow up on this topic!


Congrats man....must've been an immense amount of hard work!



super pitié beaucoup pour tout. votre site internet est tout sincèrement surprenant et fantastique