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But Phoenix-like, rising from the ashes, I am back.


Where have I been, you may ask? Well, obstensibly I've taken all this time off blogging to finish my book, "Dispatches from the Peninsula: Six Years in South Korea," which will be available on Signal 8 Press come September. As the title infers, this book is a culmination of six years of living, writing, drinking, and ranting here in Korea. Much of its content is inspired by or literally gleaned from this here blog; there would be no book without it, so now that I'm pretty much finished with the beast (just going through one final read before I send it off for good), I figured it's high time that I get back to the activity which gave birth to it in the first place.

I seriously considered moving this blog to a more respectable site, since these days Live Journal makes MySpace look like Friendster. There has been a mass exodus from this site and only about 4 people from my friends' list regularly post. The place has a ghost town feel, and the folks that run this site are so desperate that they're giving two week trials of paid memberships. It's a sad place really, but, fuck it, this is where I've been and where I'll continue to be in the near future, at least. I'll probably start my own website/blog to pimp my book once it comes out, but for now I'll splay out my broken soul on this shrinking acreage of cyberspace, despite the fact that most of the regular readers and contributors have fled to the stinking hellmouth called facebook, where I must confess to spunking way too much of my own time as well.

We'll see if I can generate any comments, besides the Russian spam that has taken over from the real human beings.

So, consider this post a test of the waters, a poking of my bloated head back into the bear's cave. I feel the need to get back on the horse and kick it bloody with my spurs. In short, I am REBORN.





Aw, dude. Did you have to include a picture of some beast crapping out a baby cow? For fuck's sake.
Rebirth! Afterbirth!

I wanna let know folks that I'm still keepin' it real, yo.



Awesome Chris.. can't wait to read some new posts ~MikeHotlead

Re: heh-heh

Cheers Mike. See you in Seoul next time.


mmmm afterbirth.

Afterbirth in a nice chili-basil sauce is quite tasty.

--angry steve--
Hey! I was wondering the other day what happened to you. Now I'm excited for your book. And excited for baby cows.


Good to see you back!



they had color photography when you were born? oh, wait, are they polaroids? how did you scan polaroids so clearly? very impressive work. would like to see more. keep it coming
Good to see you again. Looking forward to that book! You need to replenish your f-list with new names if you hope to find new posts every time you hit refresh :-)


Glad to see you back...

And always suspected your mom looked like that.


Too soon?

Charles at KTLIT