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Eating Balut

Balut is a delicacy here in The Philippines. What is balut? It's an almost fully-formed duck fetus cooked in its own egg. Men eat it for "stamina."



I ate balut the other night. The waitress at the streetside bar was kind enough to capure the ordeal on my digital camera.

Step 1: Crack the top of the egg open.


Step 2: Drink the "soup."


Step 3: Peel away the rest of the shell.


Step 4: Eat away the yokey bit that surrounds the fetus.


Step 5: Put the whole thing into your mouth and chew up the really crunchy feathered baby bird.



Step 6: Wash the eggy avian infant taste from your mouth with a healthy swig of cold San Miguel beer.





I'd rather have barbecued laotian field rat.

Man, you have testicles the size of large planets. I've eaten a lot of stuff but I'm sure I couldn't manage balut.



SO did you bang the snot out of a hooker after that or what?




what about the taste? did you like it? not the hooker or the snot, but the dead baby chicken, what was the taste like? also, can you get it in duck or cornish game hen varieties? nice look on your face, by the way. whose hand were you sitting on there in the second to last photo

Re: taste?

Actually it IS baby duck. I didn't know at the time.

It tasted like... ummm... crunchy half-formed duck with guts inside. Really fucking nasty.


fuck the boiled eggs. show us some photos of the hookers you're banging.

I know that tee shirt!

Isn't that from Ankor wat, the temple that is like 15 km north of Bayan?

I had that tee shirt once upon a time.

Re: I know that tee shirt!

Yes, it's an anchor T-shirt.
So is it a delicacy for its surprisingly pleasant taste? Or is it all about increasing stamina? I like to think I'd try just about anything but those photos make me pause. I'm not sure I could eat balut. I think it's the idea of those little bones that would be hard. How hard are those bones? And it's feathered already? It sounds so um...disgusting. Thanks for the pictures!
It tastes like a half-formed crunchy baby duck: nasty. Men pretty much eat it to be macho and for stamina.


You look like you're going to fucking puke. Did you puke? Did you bang a hooker? How did it taste? You're leaving us hanging here.
It tasted like half-formed baby bird. I didn't puke, but I definitely thought about it.
I gagged just from looking at the photos. Next time I overeat late at night and need to vomit, I'll look at them. Seriously, that is vile!


Awesome, obviously. No word yet on whether you held it down and/or are considering trying it again . . . .

They sell that stuff here as well all over island, appropriate with almost 1/3 of population being Filipino/a foreign workers . . . .
I held it down. It tasted vile.

eating balut

For years I thought balut was the foulest food known to man. Then I tried it, and for years I love it. I've eaten balut and thoroughly enjoyed it at night after beer. I've had back to backs with extra spicy vinegar.

BTW many people believe that with all the healh benefits from stem cells in terms of a body's power to regenerate and strengthen itself using naturally occuring, bio-technology, that eating BALUT is actually REALLY good for you.
oh my god.
oh lawlz! I love balot (by the way, it spells balot.. not balut ^^;) but the duck part is nasty!! I don't eat them... eventhough I'm a filipina myself :P, if you don't like it, then you shouldn't eat that part ^^; and don't eat the white one if it is TOO hard. or else, it'll taste like rubber. ^^;

I love the soup most of all, the yellow one is great. And Balot taste best with salt or vinegar.
(Vietnam also has that, but it's chicken, not duck)