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The in the past month, the Korean won has dropped 30% against the dollar. It is currently Asia's worst performing currency, and could continue this downward spiral, experts say.

Fuck fuck fuck. I've lost a lot of money this month because of this shit.



yeah and no one here seems to care that every minute that passes their money is worth less and less
Well, what can you do? You just have to try and weather the storm, or get the fuck out.


Korean DropKorean

My dad sends me money for my birthday next month, so I would happily see another 30 percent drop.
Oh man, and they're gauging the fall against the DOLLAR? You are TOTALLY screwed. Cause they're shipping dollars with Monopoly games these days...


Korean won...pighting!



The Rich Get Richer. . . .

I get paid is US Dollars, so my already mule-choking salary has gone up 30%. It ain't gonna last though. Except the dollar to shit the bed in a few months, maybe sooner.

--(not so) angry--


Re: The Rich Get Richer. . . .


Feel free to drop by Shangers any weekend you get tired of choking mules, I heard thats what passes for fun where you're holed up.

The won really is gone to shit...and they're still offering 2.2 Mill as standard, thats now approx 10K in RMB, which is a really SHIT job here.



hold onto the won as long as u can... http://english.chosun.com/w21data/html/news/200810/200810100006.html